About us

The story of KUNDALA started in 2007, when Katri Borm and Jutta Hille-Ostermann got together and started to compose, record und publish music for children. The idea was to introduce the culture of yoga and meditation through playful and joyful music.


Today KUNDALA has grown into a project including many musicians and artists from three countries:




Germany: Jutta Hille-Ostermann (compositions, lyrics, piano, vocals, educational concept), Kerstin Ehrlich (compositions, lyrics, educational concept) 


Finland: Katri Borm (compositions, lyrics, arrangements, vocals, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, e-bass, percussion, graphics), Ville Tanttu (acoustic guitar and e-guitar), Dile Kolanen (e-bass, recording, mixing, mastering), Gabriel Kolanen (e-bass), Benjamin Kolanen (drums), Carl-Johan Häggman (percussion) and Hanna Rentola de Rivera (paintings for booklet and Cd)


England: Sia Reddy (vocals and flute)